Bradlees Stores

Stock Exchange Listing: BRAD (NASDAQ)

Bradlees is a discount department store, operating over 100 stores
from Maine to Pennsylvania.

Let me start out by saying that, I nor any member of my family,
has or has had, anything to do with the Bradlee's stores!

he founders of Bradlee's stores were once reported to have chosen the
name because is sounded "good" and had some patriotic implications.
Many in our family think that the choice was made because the founders
felt that their more ethnic sounding names would not be accepted as well
as oursin business. The company's current claim to have named the its self
after the Bradley airport does not explain why they chose to use the very
rare "LEE" spelling originated by the Boston Bradlee's who planed
and organized the Boston Tea Party, and Not use the original and
very common "LEY" spelling used by the airport they claimed to
have naming business after. There are currently well  over 15,000 families
and business across the country using the common "LEY" spelling while
there are only a little over 100 families preserving the spelling change to
"LEE" made by the Boston Bradlee's just prior to the Revolution.

I am sorry to say that due to the numerous e-mails I receive as a
result of their unfortunate choice to use our good name, I have found it necessary
to make this disclaimer. As for the content of the e-mails themselves,
much to my dismay, to date I have never received a favorable one.

Any further correspondence regarding this company should be taken up with them

Representatives of the Bradlee's stores can be contacted at:

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