An obligatory privacy statement

All advertisers, affiliates and owners of links on and from these sites agree to hold all personal information submitted in private, unless posted to an open forum or in an insecure way.

All users, surfers, affiliates, and advertisers agree to hold me harmless for everything and anything. In addition, ALL affiliates, advertisers and sponsors agree to pay any legal fees and or admin costs along with any and all penalty or loss of image resulting from complaints or undesired use of information by others outside my direct control. This is assuming they are dumb or greedy enough to try make a legal point of something in the first place.

I on the other hand, I as a private person, reserve the rights to contact whoever I please, whenever I please, and mutter about anything I want, provided it is the truth, and at the very least, justifiable in my own little mind as a worthwhile subject to be muttering about.

Users of my sites acknowledge that only information submitted using a secure encrypted (SSL) connection has any chance of remaining private, here or anywhere else on the Internet. All unencrypted information sent over the internet may as well have written on a postcard.

I reserve the right to change this policy without notice just like everyone else does, provided it is for the good of the children or helpful in the fight against evil, wrongdoers, or the scurge of the universe, spammers!

As you might guess this privacy statement was not written by a lawyer. I wrote it myself, to satisfy an affiliate who required me to have a privacy statement, with out any care as to content, it turns out that their only concern was that I had written policy, and did not care what the policy was just that it was published. It should be noted that their legal department approved this mutterings as being a published policy.

All Comments and suggestions are welcome, but may be publicly posted as seed for a comediac responce. Flame mail and spam will be deleted and ignored for a much reduced labor cost :-)

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