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A small but distinguished group of contributors.

The following people have provided inspiration, valuable information, and moral support, to the development of this project. The success of the Bradlee Family Homepage is due to the efforts of these and as yet undocumented others. I would like to point out that this list is presented in a chronological order based on contribution or involvement and does not reflect quality or quantity in any way.

My PictureMy name is Robert C. Bradlee, most people call me Bob, my wife Christine and I live in a quiet suburb of Columbus Ohio. I am a Technologist by profession, In that role I adopt new technologies, and adapt them to the needs of my clients. The bills on the other hand get paid around here mostly as the result of long hours either at the keyboard or on the phone investigateing or fixing some problem in cyberspace.

For the most part, everything written in the first person or misspelled is my handiwork. I am the self appointed keeper of the Bradlee Family Records and the Creator and Maintainer of this "The Bradlee Family Homepage"

Rob BradleeRobert G. Bradlee of Reading Mass, most people call him Rob. He started this off by sending me (Robert C) an E-Mail in Late 1995, He had seen my name pop up on the Internet and was commenting on the fact that with the same unusual spelling of our last name we must be related somewhere back in time. We exchanged family information and were just as confused as to our relationship as we were when we started. Little did we know that this simple contact would evolve into such an adventure. Rob was the first contributor to the Bradlee Family Tree with the submission of a family chart put together by an aunt a number of years ago.

My only revenge for getting me started on this is to display one of his most favorite photos until someone sends me one he dislikes even more.

MRS ADELA A BRADLEEAPRIL A ROBERTSON-BRADLEEWithin a matter of days after starting the Bradlee Family homepage Mrs Adela A Bradlee and her daughter-in-law April A Roberson-Bradlee of Jacksonville, Florida contacted me. As one of the earliest contributors they have provided moral support along with their family trees to the project.

Hopefully they will send me better picture for me to scan. At this point all I have to work with, is a group shot taken on a ski slope that is a bit over-exposed.

Claire WeisRyan WeisAlthough Claire and her son Ryan Weis are not Bradlees in name they are direct descendants of Sara Fulton Bradlee one of the stronger female characters in the Bradlee family history. Claire's meticulous notes and documentation of her family (originally prepared for the DAR) was a pleasure to work with. Claire not only provided vital information on many early Bradlees, but went way above and beyond the call of duty in her attempts to located the grave of my great-grandmother in California, before she moved to Arizona. There is no question she has inherited the fortitude of her ancestors.

Hopefully she will send me better picture of herself. A color Xerox copy of her driver's license picture, complete with the great seal of California, does not do her justice.

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