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The US Gazetteer references Brad_Lee, VA located in Alexandria County, Virginia
5 miles South West of the Washington Monument just outside Washington DC.
The map coordinates are: 38 49 49 N, 77 05 41 W.

Bradlee Center ...

The right name for the wrong reason !

Bradlee Center Virginia consists of a small size shopping plaza, a medium size medical building, a large office building, and one gas station. They are all located across the street from the Episcopal High School and the Episcopal Seminary in Alexindria Virginia. I would love to be able to tell you that the area was named after Calib Bradlee the famous preacher, but the truth be known it was named after Braddock and Lee, two Generals from the Civil War. Even though there is no direct connection to the family, the use of the name itself is justification enough to waste a bit of WebSpace to present these pictures. They were taken 5/15/96 when I investigated the area while on a business trip.
Bradlee Center
This picture was taken from the King Street side of Bradlee Center.
The brick building just behind BLOCKBUSTER is the Bradlee Office Building.

Bradlee Center Sign

    The following Business have nothing to do with the Bradlee family other than they are located in or near Bradlee Center VA.

    Bradlee Barber Shop Phone: (703)998-9830
    Bradlee Center Phone: (703)820-0809
    Bradlee Florist Phone: (703)379-6166
    Bradlee Medical Building Phone: (703)379-6068
    Bradlee Shoe Repair Phone: (703)931-9210
    Bradlee Texaco Phone: (703)820-2792
    Bradlee Travel Phone: (703)845-1414

Bradlee Center
View from the back parking lot, near the Bradlee Medical Building.
Bradlee Medical Building
This picture taken near the back entrance to Bradlee Center shown above, shows the Bradlee Medical Building, just adjacent to the Bradlee Office Building.

Bradlee Office Building

Bradlee Offices Building
    The Bradlee Office Building is located directily across the street from the Episcopal High School and Seminary on the corner of West Braddock Road and King Street. These pictures were taken from Braddock Street.

Bradlee Medical Building
This picture shows a wider view of the Bradlee Office Building and adjacent Bradlee Medical Building, taken from the Bradlee Center back parking lot.

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